RTI International Metals

Martinsville, VA

Owner: RTI International Metals
Sq. Footage: 313,700 SF

The Project consisted of a 3 building complex that focuses on the manufacturing of titanium components for aircraft, most notably the entire Airbus commercial aircraft fleet in addition to the EADS KC-45 refueling tanker. The project was 313,700 SF of manufacturing space on approximately 50 acres. Due to the construction of this project 150 jobs were created in the Martinsville area.

The first building contained both manufacturing and a 2 story office structure and was constructed with a pre-engineered metal frame structure with precast concrete walls on 3 sides. The fourth side was designed for expansion and is constructed of metal wall panels. The manufacturing space contained wide bay truss purlins. The remaining two buildings were pre-engineered metal frames with walls that consisted of a combination of masonry and metal wall panels. The facility contains 11 overhead cranes. The second building was a forging building that houses a 5,000 ton forging press, 6 heating furnaces, ingot manipulators, and supporting equipment. The third building houses a large grinder with adjoining office space.