Elkton, VA

Owner: Miller-Coors, LL
Architect: Design Inc. of North Carolina
Sq. Footage: 175,000 SF

The Miller-Coors Brewery project was a Design/Build 175,000 SF storage warehouse for a new distribution center, connector, and a remodel of an existing warehouse. The new distribution center was completed and open within six months of the initial start date. The renovation of the existing building was completed three months later. Both phases of the project were performed in the shipping area and site drainage channel with no lost time to product delivery.

The new distribution center construction was a pre-engineered hybrid metal building with precast concrete abuse wall to 7′ and insulated wall panels above with an 8″ stone base /6″ slab. Floor flatness and levelness of 85/75 was achieved above Design requirements of 65/45.

The entire facility was built with emphasis on very strict environmental needs as it related to Miller-Coors Brewery’s groundwater, stormwater, run off filtering, and aquifer.