Burlington, NC

Owner: Parks Hospitality, LLC
Architect: Isom/Ham Design Group, P.A
Sq. Footage: 63,447 SF

A unique feature of this building is the half basement, complete with waterproofing system, that was built below grade for additional storage. Additionally, a special challenge arose as several underground springs were encountered during mass excavation. Omega worked with ECS (geotechnical engineers) to develop and implement a complex array of deep French drains covered with specialty geo-grid fabric to redirect the springs off-site, and out from under the building.

Ceramic tile floors and walls, quarry tile, simulated slate wood floors, carpet, and extensive millwork finishes comprised just part of the interior work; the building also including 4 gas fired 130 gallon tank water heater system, 7 split system heat pump units, interior and exterior lighting packages, automatic sprinkler system, and fully addressable fire alarm system.