Berrien House Restoration

Savannah, GA 

Previously the oldest unrestored historic home in the state of Georgia, Berrien House was built in 1791 for Major John Berrien, a Revolutionary War hero. The Berrien House preservation project included the restoration of the home’s interior, which includes private residential space for the owner, museum space for guests, a commercial bank on the ground floor, updated restrooms, and a full catering kitchen. The scope of work included preservation and custom fabrication of numerous elements of the home’s interior and exterior with historic profiles, moldings, mantels, doors, and flooring all meticulously documented and cataloged for accuracy in the recreation process. The ballroom, withdrawing room, and center hall were restored faithfully to their period states while elsewhere, repurposed original materials blend seamlessly with modern amenities.
Owner: Andrew Jones
Size: 4,500 SF
Architect: David B. Kelly Historic Preservation Consulting